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SAUNA – The sauna functions on the principle of applying dry heat to the air inside the sauna cabin by means of a stainless steel electric heater with an element, regulated by an external control panel. Since it can reach temperatures close to 100°C, the body reacts by sweating heavily, a physiological sweating, it burns energy, thus helping to dissolve fat and eliminate the toxins that accumulate in the body tissues, also helping to regulate the blood pressure and prevent respiratory disorders.

Colour-therapy helps restore mental and physical balance.
 Each colour has an effect on your state of mind and it is a good idea to try each for a few minutes to gain the benefit.
This is why EFFEGIBI uses RGB LED technology. In addition to using each colour alone, you can programme a slow, gradual tonal variation in the basic colour chosen.
The user has direct control over colour and programme changes. Continual abrupt tonal changes are not recommended for getting the very best out of your relaxing time spent in the sauna, enjoying your colour – therapy.

Press the “COLOUR CHANGE” button to change the colour of the lamp, you can choose from:
– 4 programmes providing tonal variations within the range of colours: DAWN, SUNSET, SEA, FOREST.

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