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Cres Culture Evenings is a summer culture event promoting cultural heritage of the city of Cres and thus making summer nights more entertaining. Click more to see the full program!

04.07.2015. – OPENING CEREMONY: Luka Debevec Mayer
09.07.2015. – CONCERT ACCORDION : Ivan Mužić i Ante Mamula
16.07.2015. – BRASS ORCHESTRA CONCERT: Orchestra “Josip Kašman”
23.07.2015. – JUBILATE DEO: Benedictine Sisters, harmony singing group “Teha” and Youth choir Cres (program St. Peter Monastery)
25.07.2015. – CONCERT OF SPIRITUAL MUSIC: Opera school Mirula
28.07.2015. – OPERA GALA concert: Opera school Mirula
30.07.2015. – MEDITATIVE MUSICAL EVENING: Youth choir “Bistra”
04.08.2015. – Klapa “Teha”, klapa “Burin”, klapa “Čikat”
07.08.2015. – LA VOCE D´ASSISI: fra Alessandro (concert at main square)
09.08.2015. – CONCERT AT HARP AND PIANO: String&Duo
13.08.2015. – CONCERT AT GUITAR: Neven Hrustić
16.08.2015. – CLASSICAL MUSIC CONCERT: Dijamant klasika
20.08.2015. – CLASSICAL MUSIC CONCERT: Marta Matišić, piano: Dario Sabo
27.08.2015. – MASTERCLASS OF OPERA LITERATURE: doc. Simon Dešpalj

Source: TZ Cres

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