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How To Reach Us?

Excellent traffic connections make a simple and quick arrival to Cres possible to all visitors. You can reach us by car, ferry, catamaran, bus…

About Stancija Plat

In this oasis of peace, away from the hustle of the big city, we have built a house with 3 luxury suites that will make your holiday complete.


Stancija Plat offers you three luxury accomodation units (House Magriz, Apartments Lavender and Olive). Book now!


Stancija Plat offers you 3 luxury accomodation units (Lavender, Olive and House Magriz).

Lavender apartment

House Magriz

Separate house

Bedroom (2/2), 6 beds, 2 bathrooms, toilet, whirpool, pool, parking, pet free.

Lavender apartment

Lavender apartment

1st floor of the main house

Bedroom (2/2), 4 beds, bathroom with toilet, balcony, parking + pet free.

Olive apartment

Olive apartment

1st floor of the main house

Bedroom (½+1/2), 4 beds, bathroom with toilet, balcony, parking + pet free.

Welcome to

Stancija Plat

Located exactly halfway between Cres and Lošinj

There is a small village, on the beautiful island of Cres, named Plat. Maybe the best way to describe it would be some verse which our granny used to recite us as she was so nostalgic for her childhood passed in this peaceful place: “Plat laughs and remains silent, Plat is always quiet”.

What to do

Amenities & Activites


Besides walking and hiking, cycling is also an excellent way to discover Cres and enjoy captivating scenery of the island. You should take tours all over the island to find out its beauty; because, Cres once discovered, will always stay in your heart.

Local beaches

Twenty minutes walk from Plat leads you to the two beautiful pebble beaches: Lučica and Meli, both facing east and Bora wind and a small island Čutin with Velebit mountain in the distance. These two beaches are a perfect place to escape from the hustle and bustle of public beaches and swimming areas.


Plentiful bays and sheltered beaches are a perfect excuse for making one-day tours, night sails or even weekend fishing. The most outstanding spots are beaches in Valun and Lubenice, Sv Blaž bay and last, but not the least, Plave Grote. Thanks to the Mediterranean climate the bathing season spans from May to October.

You can also set off on a guided tour to the inland: peculiarities that are hidden in small villages may seize your imagination.

Boat tours:

  • Manta +385 91 783 4000
  • Oruda +385 91 115 9898; +385 91 572 9037
  • Ananda +385 97 762 1397
  • Cres Adventures +385 99 752 2024

Sailboat tours:

  • CresSail +385 98 933 7670

Island tours:

  • Secrets of Cres +385 95 92 16 123
  • Cres Outdoor center +385 91 892 5018
  • Pansion Tramontana +385 51 840 519
Arts & Culture

The landscape of Cres is a perfect setting for cultural heritage – city walls, old stone gate, numerous paintings, distyles and trefoils. In the very centre most of the houses are one-storey or two-storied buildings while in the harbour public buildings were built such as the Duke’s Palace, Loggia, arsenal, numerous patrician palaces and the so called fondaco where corn was kept.

Hiking trail “Osor – Osoršćica” – 5 km long hiking trail extends along the northern part of the island of Lošinj. The highest peak is Televrin with 588 m. Osoršćica is the first hill on the Adriatic islands which has attracted tourists. One of the first who climbed this hill was Austro-Hungarian Crown Prince Rudolf of Habsburg in 1887.

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Excellent micro climate conditions provide visitors with a restful, active and rich vacation. Local waters of Cres pose a real challenge for navigators.

ACI marina Cres +385 51 571 622
CresSail +385 98 933 767


Where to eat on Cres?

Nono Frane, Valun (Na moru), Lubenice (Lubenička Loža), Loznati (Bukaleta), Stivan (Nonina Konoba).

And many more.

Where to eat on Losinj?

Osor (Konoba Mare), Nerezine (Bonaparte i beach bar Ridimutak), Artatore (Janja) i Mali Lošinj (El passo Grill)

And many more.

Outdoor & Adventure

Walks from Plat to the small St.Augustin chapel (protector of Plat, celebrated 28th of August every year).

  • From Plat to small villages Srem and Verin
  • From Plat to the beaches Lucica and Meli
the islands of

Cres and Lošinj

A rich and varied flora and fauna are not the only attractions of the island of Cres. You can reach Cres either partly by land across the Krk bridge and then by taking the ferry from Valbiska to Merag, or travel direct by ferry from Brestova in Istria to Porozine. The excellent climate and location in the middle of the northern Adriatic gained for Lošinj the nickname of ‘island of vitality’ and you should have no trouble being convinced by this during your stay in its campsites. 

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